Analytics SaaS structure suggestion

Hi all - I am starting building a SaaS platform with Wappler. I am loving it but I need some help regarding the structure of the solution in Wappler!

My platform ingest data from APIs and csv file, and data is already stored in a PostgreSql. I aim to show the data through some dashboard. My point is that between the relational database and the dashboard I would like to do some calculations, possibly with Python.

My question is: where can I do the data manipulation? Is there a way to do it already in wappler, or should I do it before?

So I’ve done a little bit of this myself in building my prototype, but only basic calculations such SUMS, averages, and weighted averages.

This was all done in the query builder or through custom Query builder in Wappler.

Now that I’m building the full version of my app I will soon be introducing more serious calculations and mathematics on the data. I believe I will actually be using TensoflowJS machine learning algorithms. I haven’t yet implemented, but I am confident I will be able to integrate into Wappler manually through some custom JS.

Thank you for your comment Philip. It is very helpful, indeed! Is your plan to add the JS directly on Wappler or you will be hosting it somewhere and then connect it to Wappler? I know it might sounds stupi, but I still do not have very clear how to implement this kind of things in Wappler, I still have some learning to do! Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’m still figuring that out too.

I know it would probably be easy to integrate the JS directly in Wappler… but i will also look into having certain components that contain business logic and algorithms separated from the app for security reasons.

I’m guessing that would then be done through APIs…but still looking into it like i said :slight_smile:

Certainly possible though.

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I share your same thoughts, I was thinking about connecting through API. However, if any more experience Wappler could advise the best option for some custom data manipulation would be great! Waiting for your help guys!:slight_smile: