An Introduction to Relational Database Theory Part 1

Thought i would produce something a little different from the normal wappler tutorials, this 11 minute presentation covers the basics of RDMS theory and shows a simple basic example of table normalisation.


Well done Brian! This is a very useful introduction that is absolutely a must for everybody starting with database design!

Your presentation looks also very cool! Nicely styled! Only the hand drawn annotation arrows are a bit weird :slight_smile: everything else looks so nice and the hand drawn arrows just don’t fit the picture. Maybe use some straight arrows annotation software next time :slight_smile:

Well done. I think new users should be able to get a good start with it. Looking forward to part 2.

Yes, need to work on that one! It's done in Powerpoint, perhaps arrows pre drawn and revealed on a click would work better. I just had a hour to kill and it was too noisy to record video so i set the presentation up and voiceover'd later.

Even the hand drawn lines are far better than I could ever achieve. Thank you Mr @Hyperbytes

@George, video re-made, laser pointer works much better

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Well done looks much better now!

Isn’t it there some good presentation app having all such annotations and pointers included?

Not that i have George, just PowerPoint (and i havn’t use that for about 10 years), not really what i do normally.

Well done @Hyperbytes, good job at taking a fairly complicated topic and breaking it down and explaining it in such an easy to use way. I think Wappler is going to be the tool of choice for future when you consider the user is not only getting the best application but also free instructional videos and documentation covering so many aspects.
This is really going to be an awesome one stop shop for any new or old developer.

So much to do, so many ideas, so little time.:thinking:

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I also think it is a great idea to explain to the beginners the basics first of the relational databases.

It is very important to understand the fundamentals of the databases, first and then you will really appreciate and also use most efficient the Wappler database connectivity.

Without good understanding of the basics, you will soon or later hit a dead-end or design overcomplicated solutions that will strike you at the end as well.

So keep up the good fundamental explanations @Hyperbytes , and slowly move to more advanced database topics as joins, multiple updates and deletes, practical thinks like story multiple selections in a separate table and other useful stuff that has being requested frequently here

@Hyperbytes Thanks for this. Was looking foreward to part 2 but I cannot find it. Did you finish that one?

Sadly i never did, got sidetracked.
I am busy with a complete new training course in which things like that will be integrated so watch this space


Thnx Hyperbytes