Am I the only one that does these type of things when testing? Serious topic

Apologies for the swearing.

One of the things I hate the most is writing dull messages for things I am testing so I just start writing stupid things.

What do people use for dummy content? And do you get bored?

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I like to keep my messages short, like ‘here’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘done’ etc. Saves time typing when using my one and a half fingers.

Actually writing good error and test messages can save you and your user a lot of time later on.

So it is pretty important to have it right.

This is a good reading on the topic:

That is true George. But I thought that Jon was talking when testing for own use.

Even for own usage I try to put some meaning in the message or unique text at least , otherwise I end up with some generic yes, no, or just variable output and wonder where that came from.

And what a risk it is to overlook one of them when the site goes live!

Well actually this is a branch that will never get to production. It lives in my machine and will never get to remote. It’s just a branch to mess around.

I got in trouble once or twice with my swearing messages like you use, by forgetting later down the line that I had added something like that, so now i use normal stuff. haha.

I can just imagine! :joy: