Alt-G key on Mac

alt-G in order to place an @ is not possible on macOS version. It activates jump to line:

Are there some preferences where I can switch/change shortcuts?

Any ideas? Still have to leave Wappler and copy a @ sign elsewhere and return to wappler. Or do I miss here something?

Can you confirm a few things please.

Is this in Design view or in Code view when you find the issue.
Is your keyboard in US or UK or some other language.
Is you keyboard a standard Apple Mac Keyboard
Are you on OS X Mojave or some other OS
Lastly what did you mean by alt-G to place an @ symbol, normally it is shift-2 for the @ symbol?

I was wondering the same why do you use alt+G to insert @? @swf

The Alt+G was bound to the Goto Line in the editor. This will be changed in the next Update to Ctrl+G / Cmd+G.

Thanks Patrick. . . . And please remove this min of 20 letters needed here to post a message :wink:

This has being solved now in version 1.6.2