Alphabetical listing of Projects

My list of projects is getting longer by the day. Is there a chance of getting them listed in alphabetical order both the Projects page and the Project pop-up menu.

Good idea, we were also thinking of adding recent usage sorting as well filtering in the project manager


Just a friendly reminder

This is at least related to what I meant here (but it didn't get any votes - I've just voted for myself).

I hate having to start a new year with a grumble, but here goes.

We have seen adding recent usage and filtering in the project manager for which I am grateful. Especially the latter is a huge bonus and extremely fast.

But I would still like to have an alphabetical listing for when I quickly want to change projects by clicking on Project: at the bottom left of the screen.

A healthy and prosperous New Year to all.

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Actually we are working on a total redesign of the projects picker. It will be more based on a popup dialog like the one for inserting elements.

So you will have a folder tree left, search field on top and a icons / thumbs list of projects and more sorting options.

More suggestions are welcome!


This sounds great. I don’t know if my suggestion about being able to choose which projects appear in the popup list is still relevant. My point was that it may be useful to have all projects available from within Wappler, but it’s probably only useful to see a small number of these in the list. (Eg you may have 50 projects, but only want to see 5 of them in the popup list.)

If this fits in with the new design, then it would be useful - or perhaps an option to view only projects marked as ‘favourites’. In any case, I’m sure it will be a big improvement.

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Well there will be a filter of “recent” projects and maybe we can have some “archive” options


Thumbs sounds cool, but of which file? Index file?

Is this still pending ?

yes is still coming up