Allow Users to set path to Bootstrap

It would be great if the user could set the path to their respective Bootstrap .js/.css files!

Maybe in the Projects settings?

Brave new world!


@Dave, how would being able to set the path be better than a path that has already been set?

The reason I ask is that I use the Bootstrap source files and I have no problem saving the compiled version to the path that has been set by Wappler, even using the default file name.


Hi Ben,
It would be useful for importing projects that have these files contained in various locations. Especially those with hundreds of pages. It would also be useful to select these locations as many Users may have their own structures they adhere to or may not be able to change the structure for one reason or another (some clients have specific requirements for where certain files should be located). It is also very nice to be able to simply make your own decision where you want these files located.

I'm sure in the initial Bootstrap Extensions from DMX Zone these locations could be selected?

Thanks for the feedback though Ben and taking time to respond! Appreciated.

Thank you for clarifying and I must admit that I have been struggling with that problem. In those cases I have spent numerous hours adjusting to the Wappler way.

You have my vote.

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I’ve done the same with smaller sites no problem, don’t mind the little bit of work involved. But on large sites it is a truly monotonous endeavor :o

Thank you Ben.

Well we actually have also a very powerful search & replace trough all files in a project.

So you can change all includes at once :slight_smile:

You will also see the found results first before applying the changes.

But do make a backup first just to be sure

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