Allinclude is not defined when saving

Hello all,
Does anyone know what is wrong, I received this when i tried to safe locally
“allincludes is not defined”

Having same issue, adding a dreamweaver created site to Wappler and getting this upon saving

This is caused when a path is not clear., you need to fix the broken links especially in the .
If you have imported a folder or sub web into your project. Remove it or reroute it. It will be gone.

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Only thing I? can see is a https:// link from Freshchat widget that does not load on localhost. How can we develop on Wappler if the software prevents saving when adding these? @Teodor Can we not just make this a warning and have the ability to override rather than breaking the dev process?

Hello @pixlapps
This behavior is not by design. Please explain step by step what exactly happens and when, and if there is something you did to fix it.

I just added a site that I used to develop in Dreamweaver.
Opened the page in question
Commented out code and then attempted to ssave the file. It is quite large with a lot happening on it since it is a step by step registration wizard.
When attempting to save the file I get the error. I could open, edit and save the file in (16.2 KB)

I am attaching the specific file for you to view.

Thank you, we are going to check this.

Are you sure the app connect file is located where it points to? I mean - in wappler project, are the paths properly set up? What if you remove the app connect include and add it again - is it creating the same path as in DW?

So removing appconnect.js from the head and saving works
Then I clicked on App Structure -> Add Framework -> App Connect and added file again. Checked that it is in the Appconnect folder also, but then it gives the error again.

Ok thanks, we are going to investigate this.

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I am having the same issue … works in dreamweaver but not Wappler when adding app connect to a page …

Please if you have added a subsite to your site PATH to css and head files are not clear, you get the error.
Be sure the path is clear (relative or absolute).