Do we need to insert one alert per alert type? For instance, one for success alerts, and another for warning alerts.

Thanks for your help.

You only need to add the alert once to your page. Each time you call the alert (on form success for example) you can set the type and text etc.


Thanks Brad!

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interesting how you are using the sections.

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Indeed. I always like to see how people stay organised in Wappler… Ways to improve my workflow etc…

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Remember that each section adds overhead to the final document as it’s actually being rendered by the browser.

It’s better to add comments in code. Yeah I know they are not being displayed in the App Structure panel. I remember there was a request to be able to add a special html comment that was shown as a node in the panel.

Something like

<!--Wappler my-variables-->
<dmx-value id="var1"></dmx-value>
<dmx-value id="var2"></dmx-value>
<!--EndWappler my-variables-->

This would show a node in App Structure called My Variables or similar with your variables in it so could organize the panel and code without adding the overhead of a section or another type of html element.


Frankly, I too was intrigued.

Without putting them in collapsible ‘Sections’ you can imagine how long the app structure panel can get with just 27 modals and 40 record sets.

Any extra page load is so marginal that it isn’t even noticable. My pages in my dashboard load very fast.

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If you don’t mind giving us a link to this request. I will support him! It is very, very, very necessary for more convenient work in Wappler. Without this feature, unfortunately, you have to use the section, despite the fact that it creates an extra load when displaying the page. As Brad pointed out above, it is sometimes impossible to work without sections because of the complete chaos in the application structure.

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I think it was one of those comments you make in another thread similar to this one saying…hey guys it would be cool to have it. I think it never got promoted to feature request.

@Mr.Rubi here you are. As I said it was just a comment that never got promoted.

So, except for the display differences, notifications and alerts are pretty much the same regarding the setup?