Ajax Autocomplete

Any plans/ timescales to add Ajax Autocomplete to Wappler?

I would like that too, that would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

Is this already on the roadmap? @George

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done something similar using a datalist but currently no ajax which us a shame as it was available as a dw extension

I think this was the first DMX Extension we purchased…? Got my vote!


Still waiting for this one!

I have been using datalists instead but it’s not as good

we are already working on this as a brand new control.
Will show you more after our summer break.


Good to hear!

@Hyperbytes what are datalists, I can’t find that element? Or do you mean datadetail/view/iterator?

Take a look at this old thread, not an out of the box solution but an easy customisation of a select control.

This would be so greate for me. I hope u guys can do this soon. Thnks!

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I now have a need for this. Any news :smile:

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I’m working on this right now as well!

Actually we already have a working prototype :slight_smile: so it will be finalized in the next week update.


Thanks @George :star_struck::partying_face:

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Great @George! I hope it supports array objects as well, so we can have id values underneath the displayed value like a select element. :slight_smile:

Also waiting for this, most used feature from DMX in the DReamviewer era

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Found a solution that works with google, for adress autocomplete fields:


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Didn’t know Google had one…nice share. There is also typeahead from twitter which is what I went with for now.

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