AFOP Association Website


We present you a responsive website built for AFOP (non-profit association in Switzerland) by André Bender (Swiss Web Factory), known in our community as @swf.

Here’s the description he kindly provided:

AFOP website

The non-profit association afop organizes advanced training courses in oncological pharmacy.

We have created a responsive website tailored to the club’s special needs, which massively simplifies the work flow for the club. Virtually all work that was previously done manually is now automated.

Course-specific requirements can already be mapped during the registration process. Data from existing participants are compared and redirected to a separate login. When registering, the participant is also entered in the integrated newsletter management.

In the backend we have implemented areas for the participants, speakers and moderators. The participants get automatic access to course documents, presentations and additional information, speakers can manage their presentations independently.

Moderators have the opportunity to edit the content of the courses, speakers, course registrations and many other data, as well as to send newsletters.

With just a few clicks, invoices and course information can be assigned to the confirmation emails, new speakers added, mailings created and course confirmations released to the participants. These are then automatically made available for download by the system as a personal document (pdf file).


We’ve extended the event booking system with an pad-invoice and QR-Code generator. Now the client hasn’t got to add any payment information anymore. Everything is done by the system. All the invoice files can also be accessed in the member section.

Nice work!

Can you tell more about how you did the QR generator?

@brad Thanks!

We built 2 custom modules for this. One with html2pdf.js and one with qrbills.js. We can now easily use both as a simple step inside the server action and passing dynamic data to it.



The qrbill looks like this: