Affiliate for Wappler

@George I would be very interested to promote Wappler! It would help the Wappler Ecosystem a lot! Please let me know when and if you would agree with some promotion affiliate. That depends of course of a Affiliatesystem, so People would be able to get recurring payments and grow and attract new paying customers for you.

How would you like to see such affiliate program Freddy? What should be the rules? Any good examples of similar affiliate programs?

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@George Not sure with what system you could start, but I guess to start would also do it. But maybe later some more pro software is needed or integration you need. Most Affili System got a huge work to implement. So i think this one has a very thin “integration footprint”

I’m sure sales would skyrocket if the affili / commission is interesting. Most people are interested in longterm affili and not only onepayment kickback.

  1. I have no idea how to start an affili system, as I just did some affili for other products form a resellers perspective.
  2. As I know there are some easy affili backends to start.
  3. Then that could be announced via newsletter and some affili networks.
  4. People out there would start to make landingpages, hubspot stuff. marketing and promote that “dreamweaver alternative” with comparing sites etc. Influencters etc.
  5. Sales would increase and community would grow exponentially.

At the end wappler would leave Pinegrow and Webflow far behind them …

At the next stage I would suggest to make some people like “Certificated Wappler Member”, who could just help the quickly growing community. So people could maybe apply for a “Wappler Support Job” and do exams or certificates and training on a dedicated wappler backend. There are already some software for that out there, so no need to invent the wheel again…

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Well not sure if an affiliate program will be very effective in our current user base… but maybe if we grow more

Maybe a good example is similar affiliate campaign as with DigitalOcean:

Totaly agree....keeping it down simple for everyone would be a plus. otherwise - I myself - wouldnt bother implementing somethings that would complicate my own life...
Not to have to deal with "accounting and effective money transfer"...
1 or 2 "Month discount" / per new subscription could be a way.
Interested customer place my Code "when ordering" he gets 1 month discount / I myself benefit from, another 1 month 100% discount on my total invoice.
...that is I am not being charge 1 (or 2 months. : ) )
...that´s it.
Wappler wins another new customer while we win a discount on our side, probably can be automated on your company side not much to deal with.

...anything else possible as long as it´s easy to deal with.
my 2 cents.


Thats a good idea. We really need to have like Discount / Promo Code. I‘m here in a Cowork place and could kick start Wappler sales here. People are Wordpress users, Wix, Jimdo and others like famous Influencers, Youtubers, Instagramers and I think they would be happy to know about Wappler. I thought about having a presentation here for about 20-30 peoples. Maybe a Small CRUD workshop. But that needs time, preparation and work. As I am now busy with other projects and no clear strategy for resellers is planned, I‘ll focus on usual business. Maybe there should be also plans to scale developer / support team when sales / community are growing.

What would you think about that new affili solution for wappler?

<15 minutes integration

Our step-by-step setup makes the integration a breeze, so you can get your program up and running in no-time.

  • one-click setup with Stripe

  • API and Webhook connection with Recurly , Braintree and Chargebee .

  • our tracking API for any other billing provider

  • connect with 1000+ apps using Zapier

I’ve heard good things about firstpromotor. Will give it more in depth look.

We will be totally redoing our sales backend in few weeks anyway, so will take it in consideration.

okay that sounds good! They got also API’s

Alternative Opinion:

no affiliates.

if there is money available to spend on commissions, rather give benefit directly to all paid users.
or spend that money on bloggers, etc. - meaningful long term marketing strategies to gain new paid users.

let the referrals come without any financial motive. this will help keep the community robust and honest.
growth might be slow but it’ll be high quality growth.