Advanced section for AC components

Based on some discussions we have had regarding Full Calendar implementation but it can apply to any AC component.

  1. Add an advanced multiline field that gets appended to the component’s options if there is content present in this input. The multiline should be similar to the one in SC API action body json and allow bindings. This way anyone can add any options that are missing from the standard implementation if they need.

  2. Pass an array of strings that contains event handlers so that they can be attached on instantiation.

We usually add all possible component options as UI properties in the App Connect components.

Advanced dynamic options are already available as dynamic attributes.

So an additional grid with user options is not really needed.

As for the case with summernote they have very complex nested options and we covered them mostly.

An generic grid won’t help there as the options are very much nested.

I’ve seen lately quite some posts regarding missing options. These two are visible in frontpage.

All in all, I just can’t wait until you guys start focusing again on the extensibility features and resume work on App Connect extensions.

I would then suggest to move all components out of the bundled app and store them in a git repository so that they are downloaded to Wappler’s UI and user app on demand. That way people could contribute to them and keep them updated with the latest library changes.

A contributing guide would need to be in place.

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I certainly find cases where the product has options i need that are not included in the AC Wappler version.

Swiper is one of those cases, where the original swiper.js has things like nested, noswiping which i ran into when trying to nest a swiper inside a parent swiper component.

Nothing I have not been able to kind of get around, but I do see what Jon is saying, it would be great if there were a way to add the missing options manually.

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For FullCalendar, there is a huge list of items which are not yet implemented. Events & Attributes both.
The library itself is quite vast, so having all options available is a huge task.

Same thing I have found for Swiper component too, like Paul has suggested.
I also have a pending HowTo for this about setting some parameter.

What Jonas suggests here is something that might make it easier to have all “advanced” options configured in such libraries.