Additional option in the Stripe extension so a Stripe form can be submitted without actually taking a payment

This request follows on from this thread:

Can there be an option in the Stripe processing action to allow Stripe to be completely ignored?

An example is a registration form which has lots of inputs and also the option to make a payment. This payment is optional but the form still needs to be processed if they choose not to pay.

Does Stripe API offer this an option?

I don’t think it needs to. I won’t be sending anything to Stripe if a non-Stripe method of payment is selected.

The problem is the form is changed to be a Stripe form and, as a result, it forces a Stripe transaction and returns success or error after that. If the submitter didn’t select Stripe and so, as a result, doesn’t fill in any card details then the script returns an error because it tries to get the client secret and fails.

I want the facility to be able to say ‘don’t try to process this transaction’ if they select a non-Stripe method.

I’m convinced this isn’t an odd and unusual request. It’s something that lots of e-commerce websites will be needing.

I upvoted this because I’m going to be hitting against it in the very near future. We need an option for out of stripe payments: cash or bank transfer etc so we can process the form and it’s data even if Stripe isn’t required.

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Top man. I still can’t believe it’s taken me so long to explain it and that it’s not already part of the extension.

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Wappler uses the standard Stripe API and what is provided by it. This is outside of that. Am sure if it were part of the Stripe offering it would be included in Wappler. This is more of a custom addition to the standard Stripe integration offered within Wappler. Forgive me if I am wrong though.

No, I don’t think it is. See my earlier comment:

The Stripe API works fine. I just need to be able to decide if the form uses it or doesn’t.

Wappler has created it in a way that says the form has to either be a Stripe form or a regular DMX form. I need to be able to have that decision made dynamically.

Hi there @sitestreet

I’m not sure I really understand this one… I’ve implemented a card / bank transfer option and I just have all the database processing done in a second server action which is run after the Stripe Form action or is run directly via a different button when bank transfer is chosen…

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Hi @Antony. Are you able to give more information on how you solved it?

The form is="" has to be either a serverconnect form or a Stripe one. If it’s a serverconnect then it won’t process the Stripe details. If it’s a Stripe then it insists on a successful payment in order to give a success response.

This is the conclusion I’ve come to after spending hours trying and testing.

I’d still like to hear some official response from the Wappler team about this. The lack of documentation (things like what the dynamic attributes within the Stripe action in App Connect do - I know most are just using the Stripe API but are there any which are specific to Wappler?) turns this into a trial and error process rather than just knowing what each thing does or doesn’t do.

I think i already answered this in your other topic. Give an option to the users to select a payment method and show the form / options corresponding to the method selected.
Either show two separate conditional regions with two separate forms or use one form and show/hide the stripe form.
On success of the stripe form submit the user details one. If payment method is different than stripe, show the users details form only and submit it via a button.

That’s really some very specific use case of yours, we can’t just modify the components based on every user case. Also we are using the standard Stripe API so if it doesn’t have such an option, we can’t add it.

Thanks Teodor. That will be the route I take then. I needed to know there wasn’t a better/easier way of doing it.

My FR still stands, though. Having the option to dynamically set whether the form is Stripe or not would be a massive help.

Yep, that’s fine and makes sense. However, I still think this is something many will appreciate and it would make the Stripe integration a whole lot better.

True. But what I’ve been asking for isn’t within the Stripe API itself, it’s the way Wappler works with it.

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