Adding subquery to main query breaks paged bootstrap table


I take a basic paged query, in this case invoices

and generate a bootstrap 5 table using generator

and all works correctly

I now add a sub query to the original query adding invoice items

And the table breaks, no invoices are listed

data is being returned correctly

No errors in console

@Teodor Any comments

The table generator doesn’t know yet what to do with sub tables, so you should leave them out of the columns to process list.

This shouldn’t break existing tables though. Are you sure is nothing else on the page? Are you looking in the browser and it is all empty?

Maybe try to explore the in the console of devtools to see if data is really loaded.

Hi Brian, just tested this and it works fine.
Can you share a link to your page, where we can check this?

Will do as soon as I an near computer but may be nextcweek