Adding Dynamic Paging to a Bootstrap 4 Table

This 9 minute video covers the topic of adding dynamic paging to a bootstrap 4 table

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ok after almost 5 days and countless attempts to create a dynamic paging file i had success after watching this video about 5 times and many start and stops. Thanks

This video is over a year old if you’re going to redo it I would recommend going a bit slower and explaining each step and each click. Of course the Irish accent doesn’t help either :slight_smile:

In the video, Brian takes nine minutes to cover what he could probably do in about one minute. The video includes every step and click needed to complete the task. It’s of course quite a challenge to go at a speed which suits everyone, given the wide range of experience and knowledge of the audience. I think he’s got it just right. As you mention, you can of course stop and start if you need to catch up with what’s happening on screen.

Bear in mind that Brian makes these videos for free and in his own time. If he has a bit of extra time, perhaps he could make different versions, in different accents, though I don’t know how good at accents he is. His Irish accent’s certainly not very good (but perhaps it wasn’t Irish :slightly_smiling_face:).


Not Irish, Born a Northumberland, England (near Scottish border) and raised a “Geordie” in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area. Believe me if i had a strong local accent NOBOBY would understand me. May make a spoof one in broad Geordie accent for a laugh!!


That would be fine - as long as you include subtitles.

I think you sound like Sean Connery, nothing wrong with that Brian, but maybe you need an old white James Bond suit and a Martini.

Maybe I should remake the video, but if you had to watch mine 5 times, that would be 5 hours of your day gone. hahahah