Adding box shadow to individual element and/or in the theme as a default?

Hey all, still getting my head around Wappler in comparison to Bubble - I’ve found box shadow in the theme manager, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually apply it to a container/group. Any suggestions or docs ?

The theme manager adjusts the Bootstrap 4 styling options. Box shadow control is not yet available in the design panel (where you style element on the page), maybe @patrick can add it in some of the next updates.

In the meantime, have a look at

In other words, add the shadow class to the element.

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Thank you both!

@mgaussie, I am assuming that you are located down under. Melbourne by chance?

Hey Ben, I’m actually San Francisco based currently - but I was born SE Queensland, a little town called Hervey Bay about 4 hours north of Brissie. Are you in Melbourne?

Heard of it. I am in Mount Eliza to be exact.

Strange old world, there is a place just south of me here in San Fran called Half Moon Bay (which is on the water) and you have a Half Moon Bay beach, too.

Anyway - nice to meet you!

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