Adding a delay between the server actions

I want to add like a pause between two actions that are in the same server action.
Stripe action always takes a little longer (especially with web hooks to update the local db), so I wondering if there is a way to add a Pause or delay, before the next Action?

For example

Create Subscription

Single Query

Supposedly, there’s a Sleep step. If not, grab it from the Wappler extensions category here on the forum

There is “wait” component! Just create a new action and select “wait” and set the milliseconds you want!

@otavionestares where about is the “wait” action? I search the server side actions for wait and there is none. do you have a screenshot?

It’s not in the extension category @Apple

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Great thanks @Apple Installed! Works great. For the benefit of others. You only have to copy the wait.hjson and waitModule.php files into your 'extension > server_connect >modules ’ and restarted Wappler.
It then appeared in the Core Actions.
Thanks @sid you are a legend!

Thank you for the kind words.
But Wait is natively available in Wappler for quite some time now. You should not have to use the extension anymore.


hi @sid I don’t have Wait come up for me when I search for it? I have v4.9.1 and its not listed?
@Teodor is it missing?

The Wait action is only available for nodejs.

thanks @Teodor. That explains it.