Adding a data store removes app id

When adding a data store, it is removing the app id.
At the same time of data store addition the page preview/design view is removed from the gui.

Then, if the data store is removed, the preview/design view comes back as expected.

How can I add a data store w/out app id and preview being remvoed??


Hello, how exactly do you add the data store and where? Where is it inserted in the code?

Ok but where in the code it gets inserted? What’s the code generated after you insert data store?
Also, an ID should start with a letter, not with a number.

I’m brand new to the platform, just going through some exercises to familiarize myself

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Does this happen on this demo project only? Have you tried creating a new blank project and adding the data store on a page there?
Does your page work when previewed in the browser?

Just tried adding the app connect and data store to the “demo static portfolio site” and it works. Recreating a new site with the “demo dynamic real estate site” has the same issue seen previously.


Or is it just a design view issue? If it doesn’t work in the browser, do you see any errors in the browser console?

Seems like something got corrupted in your project somehow.
I just tested the demo project and added the data store component - none of the issues you describe happen:

Maybe try starting from scratch either with the demo project or just create your own empty project and add the components you need there.