Added to manual CSS hard coding + a "Select only" Menu system

Could it be possible for non-designers to have some feature offering menu options in order to easely customize CSS in each section of a web design (…or app?)
I`m joining a video on how others IDE are dealing with that in the way I d wish Wappler would make it possible :heart_eyes:

Although i can understand it might not be enough for real CSS designers it should be good enough for the rest of Wappler builders to customize their content style without going deeper in the CSS managment…
and “real” designers can always get under the hood the way they like it better…
color managment.mp4 (2.8 MB)

Would be cool with as many “main” CSS functionalities that could eventually be included… while remaining simple.
1 MP4 vid joined.
Thanks for supporting this feature :slight_smile:
Credit : VIDEO extract from Wakanda I D E. full youtube vid:
=> watch?v=9Y-GfdjWwQw

Edit: Another IDE`s Visual & coded way of managing CSS…

Credit : Bubble is IDE:

You can enable the experimental features in Wappler settings and this will enable the Design Panel.
There you control the color/background/background color of elements using similar controls (as the screenshots).