Add "Rename" to New Action Folder Dropdown

Could a “Rename” option be added to the New Folder dropdown (along with the ‘Add Action File’, ‘Add Folder’, and ‘Delete…’). Or is there already a way to rename it… seems it freezes with the name “New Folder” if I don’t act quickly enough I have to delete it and try again. Also, provide some way to clear the highlighted selection so a new folder can be added to the top.

My experience with this was worse within DW. However, it can happen as you described as well.

Here’s what I do…

If you are familiar with the file structure within the dmxConnect folder, you can open it and then you will look for the api folder, open it. Within the api is where the folders and files created by the Server Actions are stored.

If you create folders for these api’s to lodge, you should see your Folder or File that may need to rename.

If you rename it AFTER the Server Action was completed, you will have to follow those changes through out your page, and change the links so they reflect your change(s).

Otherwise, if you have just began this process, a name change should not affect anything. Just change the name and proceed from there.

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we second this request.

renaming ability directly from Wappler would be better.

as of now, if we ahve to rename, we do it from the explorer window by navigating to the respective file/folder (but only when Wappler is closed)