Add Project Folder Refresh On File Rename, Move

Call me lazy, but if it is possible, I would like to recommend a refresh step to be added to the project folder after files are renamed or moved. Thank you.

Files and folders listed in the file manager are automatically refreshed if they are renamed or got deleted.

Do you see any cases that that doesn’t happen? Or do you mean other places?

In my case, it’s mostly when I move a file to another folder. On a move to another folder the file is moved successfully. However, it seems to always leave a copy of the file in its original location.

I’ll try to capture the behavior on a video, and then post it here for reference.

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After the last check, I believe the apparent lag with the update was due my M1’s low resources or the Time Capsule updating backups. It all appears to be working fine now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I would have argued with you that nothing lags on the M1 chip, but I installed Adobe Illustrator a few days ago and it’s like watching paint dry while using it on the M1 with Rosetta.

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In my haste, and lack of patience, I bought the 8 Gig, and should have waited for the 16 Gig!