Add path to images

In a database table I have the list of records. Each record has a field with the image name, but without the path.
I have pages with repeat tables and detail pages, but the path is always the same for all images.
I would like to know which instruction with Wappler to configure the path to be added to all images.

@Marzio got some Screens of your query / code?

Bit vague @Marzio but basically the syntax is like this, a mix of literals and variables/fields


In this example all users have their own image directory within an images directory (/myimages) defined by their user ID {{userid}} and the file name is in the field named /{{ImageName}}

The rest is just literal text

Hope that helps

Use dynamic image source. Select TEMPLATE (1), enter the path to your images folder manually (2) and click the binding you need (3):

Thanks Teodor
I was lost because I tried to add the path without using templates

When mixing static with dynamic paths/values you should use the Template option.


I cannot find the template option in the data binding panel to add the path to a dynamic image. All assistance gratefully received

Well that’s been gone since the release of Wappler 3.0, and is no longer required…
Just enter the static parts manually and pick the dynamic parts using the data picker. The expression will be generated for you.