Add New option for autocomplete

Currently the AC autocomplete only displays a No Results message.

It would be great to have the option that allows the developer to take action if that notice is clicked.

For example, the No results message could then be “Want to add a new one?” and if clicked the developer could add to the underlying dataset using the value the user attempted to add.

Just giving this a friendly little bump

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Just a thought on this…
Would it be possible to add a dynamic event option to the Autocomplete element for ‘noResultLabelClicked’ - that way users could run a flow/actions which may involve showing a new input/form/modal etc. when it is clicked. We can already change the label to say something like ‘Add new’

Is there any way this could make it onto a Thursday update? Pretty please!!! :pray:

It may not be relevant or directly related, but if this feature is being tweaked, it would be great if another request could be considered at the same time.

From my point of view, and I’m sure others, this would make the feature much more useful and useable - the option not to have matching starting from the first character (which causes matching to be very slow with large datasets, for no benefit).


Why not a separated AC component to handle events? Maybe through a delegated events library.

I know the great majority of components and cases are covered by Wappler but an AC component by itself would allow to cover all edge cases and provide additional flexibility.


This has been added to Autocomplete in Wappler 3.7.2