Add/edit CSS Gradients



ability to add gradients via CSS design view would be awesome.
reference image attached for the suggested options that should be added.



That’s already under development and will be integrated in the final version of the experimental design panel.


good to know. waiting for it then. thank you.


Gradients have been added to the design panel in version 1.9.5 :slight_smile:
Gradients library is also coming in the next update :wink:


great to see such nice feature for ui improvementy! :ok_hand:t5:


The Design Panel is becoming quite the thing. How did we work without it in the early days? Love it!


just tried these gradients! So amazing! Wooow thank you so much that style panel is now really getting powerful and makes so much fun to customize!:heart_eyes:


The gradients feature is fully available now in the new Design Panel of Wappler: