Add Download Link in Wappler Community

was auto updating Wappler from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 on Win 10.

due to internet problems, the download maybe stopped in between - but still wappler asked to install 1.7.2 - when tried to install (from the popup on wappler itself) the windows installer said something about the installed being ‘corrupt/incomplete’ (don’t remember the exact message but install failed twice).

had to download wappler fresh from, the installtion worked fine then and daat was untouched obviously.

the problem: had to give my email ID again (which is already registered and i was logged in on, so now am getting wappler emails which are sent to fresh members i guess: email subject “The Story of Wappler”, etc.

the request: add a direct download link for logged in members on itself.