Add DMXzone DropZone Add-on into Wappler

Please add DMXzone DropZone Add-on into Wappler.
I would make great use of this.
Please vote for this.

That is a great idea! I’m using a normal file upload right now but it kinda breaks my design and it doesn’t show multiple selected files. And it’s not very beautiful. DMXzone DropZone would be the solution for all this.

Busy with a site where customer will need to upload literally around 10,000 images split between about 2000 parent records. This would be a massive help.


Just wanted to give this a little nudge as I am sure there are plenty of people out there that would vote for this as a new feature. This along with the Client-side image resizing before upload would make a great, and very practical addition to Wappler.
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I agree that the DropZone feature would be very useful to have in Wappler (and I’ve voted for it).

I particularly wanted it recently for a client who was using an old Flash upload solution I had set up years ago. I created a dropzone page in Dreamweaver and tried it in Wappler. With a little fiddling around, it worked. It’s a little limited in that I don’t think you can set up actions following success/failure etc., but it’s basically doing the job - and is a better solution than the old Flash one; it now resizes and sharpens images.

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Hi @George and @Teodor, is there any sign of this (DMXzone DropZone Add-on) and Client-side image resizing before upload being added to Wappler anytime soon? I know everyone has different priorities which must make your life difficult, but these are high up on my list. :pray:

Can you let us have any insight into what components or features are being planned for upcoming release? I know you might not be able to give definite dates for release but just give us a bit of a teaser :smile: Maybe setup a new post to answer this part :drum: :tada: :eyes: :+1:

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You have many votes. This should be implemented soon.

Any news on this topic? We need DropZone as we’re moving our CMS from DataBinings to AppConnect and it’s a key exention for file upload.


Anymore votes for this?
What we are looking for here is the integration of the DMXzone DropZone Add-on into Wappler. You can see what we mean by looking here

Come on guys, more votes needed to move this up the list :smile:

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It already seems to be top of the votes list however I know some very cool features are in the pipeline which don’t appear in the requests list so that doesn’t really mean it is top of the “to do” list.

Dropzone certainly would be great and if it Wappler was also feature some sort of “out of the box” image reordering (as demonstrated in @ben’s great image tutorials) that would be the icing on the cake.


Reordering records generally using drag/drop would be very useful feature. I use this a lot already, but would be very pleased to see it incorporated into Wappler, particularly if it uses:

This would be great. Perhaps in Wappler 2 (which must be close).


Dropzone has been added to Wappler 1.9.5
It can be found in the Forms Category in the components picker dialog. Docs are coming later today, but it acts exactly as the regular upload control - i.e. it’s used the same way in the server connect action :slight_smile: