Add detail / update link to record table

After creating a table list of records with the generator, how can you add the details / update links (or button) … for each record, using only wappler without intervening on the code?
Thank You

Hi Marzio,
There are two ways of sending users to another page filtered by an URL param:

  1. By clicking the table row
  2. By using a dynamic link in a table cell

Which one do you want to use?

I would like to know both ways, because I could have different needs with the various sites

  1. Table row
  • Add browser component in app connect
  • Select your table row
  • Dynamic Events > New > Browser > GoTo and setup your link there. Wrap static part in single quotes and enter the dynamic property without quotes - 'page.php?id='dynamic_part
  1. Link

Thank you
but to select the header line (header row)? Or all the rows in the table (body row)?

You select the row inside the repeat region (the one you repeat and show records in). Then it will read the dynamic value for the currently clicked row.

OK thanks
The only doubt I still have is how to add the dynamic part of the link

See my explanation above please!

Hi Teodor
sorry if I disappeared for a while but I had to attend a meeting.
Thank you for your assistance; Wappler is an interesting program but requires to be digested a little at a time.
In this case the problem is to get a list of records with links to the update page for each record.
First problem
After correctly setting the page I click on Generator / Bootstrap Table Generator, and I receive this alert:

In App Connect panel add an id for your app:

Ok this solved.
Now with App selected I insert Browser
Then I select ROW (of Table body) and all the table cells are selected
Dynamic Event / Mouse Click / Action
here I lose myself.
Do I have to immediately insert the static link ‘update.php? Id =’ or should I click on the icon on the right?

Please just read my step-by-step explanation:

I’m sorry you’re nervous, but for me Wappler is new. I could solve the problem by modifying the code directly, but I try to understand how Wappler is structured
the example you are referring to is a little different. In this case I highlight all the lines of the table body and in Dynamic Even I choose “Mouse Click” and as an action I have to set the static + dynamic link
But it does not work, so it is clear that I make some mistakes
Since I am sure of the static part, I evidently blur the dynamic part: 'pages_update.php?id_page='id_page

Sorry i missed a + in the expression. it must be:
The rest you are showing in the screenshot is right and is exactly what i described in the steps above.

That’s why OK
I would also suggest making the cells interested in the link automatically underlined. But it’s not a big problem
Thank you

Well, if you want to use links instead of onclick event, just follow method 2 I provided and insert a link in the cell.

This may help.
linking from a table with parameters