Add conditions to dynamic Google Map markers


I need to be able to show/how dynamic markers based on conditions.

Please add condition support for markers.


Assuming they are dynamic markers you should be able to implement that by dynamically changing the parameters of the server action based on whatever condition you use to show/hide


I need to set a condition (outside the serverconnect) as I filter values in a (nested) repeat and have to show/hide parent markers in order to accomplish the correct overall filtering.

So the markers have additional information like red,blue,white coming from a lookup table. I filter the markers with an array that gives out items like blue,yellow. In this example I should show all markers with nested values of blue or yellow. Therefore I need a condition on the markers themselves. The condition would be something like:

dmx-hide=“ === false || (, 0, “>”).count() == 0) && (arr2.count > 0)”


Could you use multiple map containers and switch between them (show/hide) based on the conditions or are there too many permutations?


I need to show/hide the markers to make this work, show/hide the container doesn’t help. It works like this: I have multiple markers with “nested repeated” color data:


  • red
  • blue


  • yellow
  • blue


  • green
  • brown

Then I filter the markers by colors. I define values for the array with an onclick event, which results for example in red,yellow.
I filter the colors qry with an in split condition, this results in:

Marker 1
qryColors.count = 1
Marker 2
qryColors.count = 1
Marker 3
qryColors.count = 0

In order to hide the Marker 3 I need to add the following condition:

dmx-hide=“ === false || (, 0, “>”).count() == 0) && (arr2.count > 0)”

This works for cards but not for the markers, as conditions can only be applied to the container not the markers.