Add Columns inside of Tabs

I don’t know if it is an oversight or not, but I think we should be able to add containers->rows->columns inside of tabs. It seems pretty important to be able to do this so you can make for better style and content layout.

There is more places where we cant add rows or the app structure will not pick it up if you add it in code.
modal header is one of them


Sure we can allow that - more precisely having containers and rows inside a tab-pane

I presume you are talking to the tabs structure as explained here:

@mrbdrm Just as a background explanation - in Wappler each framework has its own set of rules that specify how elements can be nested and what is allowed and what not. This is to prevent user from making wrong structure.

Of course the rules are not perfect and there are combinations that we might have missed :slight_smile: so just report them - if they make sense we will sure add them!

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Yes, that is correct George. I appreciate it! The video series I’m doing is going to be like Lynda .com, but will work towards a complete project. So it will cover the basics of BS4, of App Connect, some JQuery, and Server Connect. And the end product will be something that is marketable so they feel they worked towards something that has value. So columns in tabs would be great because it allows for better design.

@George, it also appears that you can’t add complete forms and other things inside the modal. Can this be added as well?