managed hosting/db with Wappler? Free/paid Heroku alternative?

I generally see a value in managed hosting & database services - so I was intrigued by the free, set price, and pay-as-you go hosting options at (I have no relationship with them)

I’m trying it out with a demo project and don’t see any obvious problems (NodeJS + Postgresql). Has anyone else tried this?

Unless you store a lot of data (they have egress fees), it seems like a very low cost option for 90% of small business website needs. They offer Docker compatibility and auto publishing from github.

Couldn't figure out why a scheduled event was not triggering on time - then I saw this in the hosting details...

Your [adaptable hosted] app cannot perform background activities outside the scope of request handling. Your app's CPU allocation is set to zero when your app is not processing a network request.

This sleep-like behavior may or may not be the issue I'm running into (could just be the nature of a dev app in progress), but this might be a dealbreaker for me.

It looks like indeed that may be a dealbreaker...