Action 'templates'

Hi. Since on fire with developing stuff with Wappler I came across an idea that might sound interesting. I find myself using the same actions in ‘Serverconnect’ while creating a ‘server action’. For example when creating a new server action for the admin area I need to

-Apply a connection
-Apply Security Provider
-Apply Security Restrict for administrators only access.

Since this a repeating task maybe a good idea is to be able to create ‘Action Templates’ where someone will be able to include ‘Templates of server actions’ with a single click when creating a new ‘Server Action’.

We will be able to create theses ‘Action Templates’ with ‘Actions’ we mostly use while creating a ‘Server Action’

Hope I made a bit clear what I am trying to describe :slight_smile:
Thank you


Would this be similar to duplicating one of the PHP files in /dmxConnect/api/? This is what I do at the moment if I want to reuse an existing action file or experiment with some options while keeping the original file.

This is also related to a feature I would find very useful: to be able to duplicate files from within Wappler. (I know there is a Save As option or an option to open a file in Explorer.)

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Yes nice point. Could be something similar to what you saying. But yes this is more or less they idea.

Yes - all great ideas indeed! We were already thinking of having more server connect action generators, because indeed now you have to make all those different actions again and again for the same database tables for example.

Like CRUD action generations - you need to select a table and then insert, update, delete, list or get actions can be auto generated.