Action Steps Debug - manual Step through of Action Steps in Wappler for debug & testing & learning

At the risk of being laughed off the forum :crazy_face: I want to know if this is something you can do now or is it a feature request.

In Bubble there was a great debug feature that allows you to run a server action and have step through option switched on so that you can manually step through each action step so that you can see what is happening and if there are any issues or errors etc.

Example in the image attached. I can log in through Wapplers design UI in to my development app, but I want to be able to manually step through the “Action steps” and see the inputs and outputs for each step.

So for example:

I might have a button I can toggle through each step.

I log into my test app in Wappler and can step through the actions. It shows me the db connection is ok > Shows me the security step is ok, > in the database query it shows the output if it’s empty or if there is an error and know I have a problem at this break point.

I suppose it would display the output in the terminal area at the bottom.

I am aware you can do this kind of step over function is in Microsoft Studio and other high end IDEs but wonder if this is something you can do in Wappler?



There is no such an option to go step by step when running the server action. However there are useful “Output” options available for many of the steps there, so you can see the output when running the server action in the browser dev tools Network > XHR > Response
Also there is a disable step option, so you can disable any of the steps as well.

Ok, not quite what I was after, I am aware of the in browser XHR. Leave this up if you like or delete if no good for Wappler.

I think this would be a great feature - a built-in debugger. I’ve often thought how useful this would but I imagine it would very difficult to integrate.

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