Action Step (window section) remains "super compact"

Working on a 24 inch monitor with the Wappler Editor at 2/3rd of the full size (heigth) of my monitor, I can only see a very tiny part of the Action Step windows * see picture Blue “Database conect.” Higlighted.

I’ve noticed that this (too compact display) is happening - although - there seems to be plenty of room under “the window” …to still allow the displaying of more remaining “features” ahead or after …like “catch” …etc.

This is a bit enoying not to be able to benefit from ALL visible options available…even more when one is not yet familiar with the Workspace and can easely miss locating the desired option !

I wonder if this can be displayed in a better way…when Editor is not open at full size.
The Editor is not open at full Screen size, since at that size I would NOT be able to place some explaining webpage right beside so as to folllow a course, etc…
If opened at full size, things display well…but then have no option to read the “Training Course” !

resolution was set at 1920*1080
PS: Eventually I d love to have a 2nd monitor…but thats more down the road after I make my 1rst million !:smile:

You can open the Server Actions to full screen via the expand icon

Tks Hyper, helps see more of the available options…

Just use Wappler maximized on your screen and you can resize the properties panel (you can drag it up/down).