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OK, i will start the ball rolling.
I was a Fasthosts (UK) reseller about 15 years, Fasthosts being part of the united Internet gfroup which seems to own a large number of hosting companies including 1 & 1, yourfone, smartmobile.de, GMX, WEB.DE, mail.com, Strato, united-domains, Arsys, InterNetX, Sedo, Profitbricks, and 1&1 Versatel.
Over the years i saw their platform get slower and slower as they pushed their new cloud NX and dedicated platform and their prices up.
Late last year I tried a new reseller service 20i. auto scaling Cloud based servers, 10GB mailboxes, access to server configuration (limited), linux or windows hosting, free dedicated MySql servers and at half the price of fasthosts.
Their support has been brilliant and their servers responsive and stable.
If i was to level any criticism with their suitability for wappler users, there is an issue with accessing MySql servers remotely. For security reasons connection settings for remote access are different to server settings. Remote access is via a different URL and a dedicated port number tied to your IP address so at present i have to remap the server address to my local server via the hosts file while working within Wappler.
I live in hope that at some point wappler will allow different settings for local and remote access within wappler, in DW i would simply leave the local settings on the my local machine and cloak the connections directory while leaving the server settings on the server where they wouldn’t be overwritten.
Overall i am very happy with 20i, their servers are excellent and their service almost as good as the from the Wappler team. If the MySql issue was sorted they would score 100% from me.