A wee bit disappointed with Wappler

Hi Yah, watched the videos numerous times, read the reviews and yesterday I purchased a monthly Basic subscription. First thing I did was pull in a couple of published Mobirise sites only to find that you only have the option of Bootstrap 4 in Wappler. The Mobirise sites were created with Bootstrap 3 with a standard Off Canvas responsive menus and when it’s converted to Bootstap 4 through Wappler the navigation system gets messed up and stops functioning.

The next thing I tried was opening up an exported Themler website…again same issues with Bootstrap3 trying to convert to Bootstrap 4. The next problem I found was every time I added in a new image or replaced on, the image link was always broken, no matter if I set up the project setting to either relative to document or root. I ended up having to edit the location link to remove all reference to the Windows 10 folder structure and that way the image showed as expected.

I then tried opening up another Themler site only to find an error message stating it couldn’t load. The error message I get when trying to load the framework is: AllIncludes is not Defined

All of the above websites were then tested in Pinegrow, each and everyone opened up 1st time. For the more expensive monthly fee I was hoping for a lot more from Wappler, but it looks like I may have to go to Pinegrow as I can open any site the has been designed with Mobirise, Themler or Artisteer and workl on them straight away.

Can a choice of using Bootstrap 3 or 4 be made available in Wappler? Without converting 3 to 4 I can’t really do much with the sites unless I edit by code.

Have cancelled the monthly subscription or now as I can’t really do much with old sites unless I recreate from scratch as Bootstrap 4

If I’m missing something real obvious then open to all suggestions :slight_smile:

@Charlie_Riley, as a user of Wappler, I have come to greatly appreciate the program, so much so that I have not used my beloved Dreamweaver for quite some time. The problems that you are having can easily be fixed. All it needs is a bit of attention.

May I suggest that you open a separate topic for each of the problems. That way we can all help you to work through them. Please make sure that you include all relevant information so that we do not have to resort to a guessing game.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi Charlie,

Thank you for trying Wappler. We are always very happy to see new users coming by that are exploring Wappler.

Unfortunately Wappler supports indeed only Bootstrap 4 sites. A conversion of an existing Bootstrap 3 to 4 sites is possible but needs a lot of work to be done really well as there are so many differences between version 3 and 4. So most of the times is better to start working in Bootstrap 4 from scratch.

Also if you are using other 3rd party Bootstrap layout generators, they usually generate a lot of redundant proprietary code and layout. We can not possibly support every layout tool out there and if you really want to use those generators just stick to them. And if Pinegrow can edit them all - well just use it.

Wappler support all the Bootstrap 4 elements and it has a very visual way of designing them. So there is no need to use a lot of 3rd party designing tools or ready to go blocks. We also offer many additional dynamic components to supercharge your website. Make it dynamic and interactive. Not just static template based site.

The greatest power of Wappler is when it comes to building dynamic, reactive sites and mobile apps. With the same visual tools you can connect to any databases or other data source and real time populate data on your pages. You can do things that normally require a lot of coding and server side development.

You can even build your own CMS if you like. So building highly customized web sites is now within the reach of everybody - also people that don’t want to code. And even for the ones that do - Wappler offers so much productivity that they don’t need to code the same thing over and over again.

So with Wappler you gain powers of the included Front-end framework App Connect - that is similar to React, Angular and VueJS - but without the coding difficulty. You can build reactive websites - fully visually.

Also the server side is completely integrated with the framework called Server Connect. There you can produce fully visual server side workflows of actions that needs to be done on the server - without using a single line of PHP, ASP.NET or Classic ASP.

So to summarize - if you just want to create simple static only template based websites - you should use the bootstrap generators you listed.

If you really want to step up and create dynamic websites and even mobile apps - then you can do that with Wappler.

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Hi Charlie, I am going to be very very honest with you here.

I have many old websites that were created in Bootstrap 3 with Dreamweaver or Espresso and the reality is that I am just leaving them in there to do the required alterations needed, this is much quicker than trying to import them or recreate them in Wappler.

New websites I am creating for new projects are being done directly in Wappler from the start, and from a design perspective it works very well, perfect for my needs. Lets say I can create a static website 10% faster in Wappler than Dreamweaver and probably 30% faster than in Espresso.

For me static websites were fortunately never really a major concern as to how long they took to generate, they were fairly simple and took a short time to create. Lets say on average 2 to 3 days work and I could generally have a little 10 page static website up and running and designed. Larger static websites would take probably 2 to 3 days to get all the templates i needed together and then from there an unknown amount of time to add all the information required.

My issue always came from dynamic websites, backend systems, content management systems etc. In Dreamweaver (without DMXzone extensions) or Espresso.

Lets stick with a static website for the purposes of this example, my client comes to me with their 10 page simple static website, but as you know almost every website needs a contact form, or a subscribe to our newsletter form. if I wanted to create a simple page on my website with the following functionality.

  • Have a form on page, have it write the client completed contents of the form to my database, email the user and client a copy of the completed data, allow the user to upload an image or two.
    So as you can see that should be a very simple form, or so it seems on the surface, dig a little deeper and really look at what added functionality that simple form is going to need.
  1. You do not want duplicate entries in your database, so you need to check the database to see if the user already exists.
  2. You need some form validation so the user can not just complete any form field with anything they want, maybe lets even have the submit button hidden until all data is completed.
  3. You need to restrict some form fields to only allow numbers, or only allow characters, or a minimum / maximum amount or characters.
  4. You need to show the user a success message, or an error message, maybe redirect the user to another page depending on success or failure.
  5. You need to resize the uploaded image, and/or crop it to an aspect ratio suitable for your website design.
  6. You need to email the user one message with different data than you are sending to your client.
  7. Your client email probably needs to have captured some browser data for the client to make better decisions.

Well with all the above on my 2-3 day build, that one page is now going to double the time it takes me to do what the client requires, its also going to double my quote to the client. Maybe I am not the best coder out there because honestly to manually add the code required to do what I want mentioned above would have taken me a further 3 days in any of the other platforms i used.

In Wappler, I would say quite comfortably that same form would take my 15 minutes to have completed, working, with more functionality than i even wanted. To me it is a winner.

I think if you look at your general day to day needs and find that for your requirements that this functionality is not that important then stick to your current applications, if you want this sort of power and much much more though or think you might need it in the future then rather start growing your Wappler skills now while much of the community is at a similar level.

In South Africa I could not live without owning a car, if I lived in London, I could. So figure out if you can get away with walking, riding a bike, or if you need to drive to get to where you want/need to be.


I am guessing from the greyed out name that Charlie has now gone which is such a shame, with all the great support here Wappler could have transformed his development.
I must admit I never started using wappler with an expectation of 100% backwards compatibility; quite the opposite, i wanted something cutting edge which would provide a new workflow which was more efficient and flexible than my old methods.
I initially signed up for the free version and initially was not that impressed because it as a completely new way of working which I didn’t really understand. Secondly i was missing the elements i really need day to day in the form of database connections.
Luckily i am a “bite the bullet” type person so i signed up for pro and got to it. I nearly followed Charlies route and cancelled at 14 days but a nagging doubt was telling me i needed to give Wappler a chance as I simply didn’t understand the product sufficiently at that stage. I found it was about 4 weeks into wappler that everything seemed to fall into place and it was quite transformative when i finally got the methodology/workflow.
I now consider many of my older sites in the same way as i do Windows XP, they do the job, “it they ain’t broke, I won’t fix them” and if small changed are needed i will use the original tools but if any significant changes are needed they will be upgraded to Wappler sites.
@psweb hit the nail on the head with his comments, using Wappler results in huge time savings, better code and incredible flexibility


It does suck that he probably won’t see the replies. Hopefully he does. Artisteer and Themler generate a lot of bloat in their code and he’d be a lot better off to just redo the sites. I am planning on redoing over 100 websites with Wappler to step away from all the bloated code we have. I estimate that nearly 20% of our server space and resources are being wasted on bloat.

I am curious though if doing a find and replace on BS3 library for all the changed classes would fix the majority of issues for someone?


Hi Yah Everyone,
I’m in New Zealand so when you were replying I was sleeping. Just going through each of your replies (thank you) and will answer :slight_smile:

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Hi George,

Thanks for the reply…I totally agree with what you’re saying hence the reason for actually trying out Wappler, I can see the pro’s hence the reason I want to get this into my workflow. But as mentioned earlier the first two projects I want to use it with have hit brick walls, hence the reason for the original post.

Hi Yah,

The reason for wanting to use Wappler, is to stay in the forefront and move away from the Mobirise, Pinegrow, Pingendo, Themler (with their bloated code and file structures) and for dynamic sites move away from Joomla. The way it’s looking is for the two main projects I’m away to start Wappler may not be the solution and I dread having to tell a client your Themler website needs to be recreated from scratch as I can’t easily import it and I’ll need a major rework.

The other project the client is adamant on what they want and it’s not readily available in Wappler. So again it will have to be done in Mobirise but that is restrictive in what I can do, hence looking at Wappler.

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Hi Yah Hyperbytes,

As mentioned in my replies to everyone, I came to Wappler because I could see the benefits, the future and a way/workflow I think I could easily adopt but I couldn’t even get started on the two current projects I have and don’t want to have to tell the clients that I need to start from scratch because the software I want to use doesn’t accommodate backwards compatibility.

I do want to give Wappler a go but as I mentioned I can’t even import a Themler website without an error coming up so even basic website edits/changes can’t be done on that.

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Can I ask why you would specifically need moberise to get a bootstrap 4 off canvas menu system, what about something like this already done in BS4 for you https://codepen.io/JacobLett/pen/ryLrJP would that not work. Or are there many other elements too, I just found that from a Google search.
I know it is not a button built into Wappler called “Off Canvas Navigation” but bootstrap has so many things in it that Wappler will support all the Bootstrap 4 code but never make preconfigured buttons to easily call in each one.
Hope I am making sense.

Hi Yah Drymetal,

Seen all of the replies :slight_smile: and have replied to everyone

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Yeah the mobirise site has loads of components loaded, accordion FAQ’s, off-canvas menu system, WOW slider etc etc I’ve already seen that and one or two others, but as Wappler was offering so much “extras” I’d have thought an off-canvas menu would have been a standard in their choice of Nav bars.

Slightly off topic on this but still the same I suppose when I use BS4 with Wappler on a new page, I pull in say a Nav bar with brand, menu & social icons, when it goes responsive the social icons disappear ?

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I see what you are saying, Wappler is not really something that I think will ever really be full of preconfigured elements that you will really be using drag and drop to add to your page, and I know there are many systems that do work in that way.

  • I want a header, and they show you 20 already done, and you just stick it on your page.
  • I want a nav bar and they show you 4 different categories of navbar with 20 nav choices in each.

Wappler is very much a system currently where you build things out. If I want a header I will built it with the base components provided.
Bring in a container > set its properties
Bring in a child row > set its properties
Bring in a child column > set its properties

Wappler does have some predesigned components but honestly they are more just as a small amount of help with tasks some users might do over and over again. Think of Wappler as similar to Dreamweaver but better in every single way, with the core building blocks being based on taking your website into the very dynamic data driven realm.

They might add smart snippets at some point which might give you some of the methodology you may be looking for. Wappler fulls a gap in the market for web and app developers very very well, maybe for designers from Dreamweaver too, but maybe not so much from moberise style builders.

just my opinion, personally I do not know how i ever even lived without Wappler, it is honestly one of the most exciting developments i have seen in a decade.