A thousand applauses!

@George and all the members of the wappler team. If you were close, I’d buy you all a drink for the amazing software you created here. I have been applauding wappler for the past 5 mins with the wonderful #database integration and all the amazing functions. You simply put the power of building web and mobile applications in my hands and I’m so grateful. Thank you for this wonderful and powerful software!

I built this with wappler.

A simple restaurant with online ordering and admin backend to process order including tracking for dispatch deliveries.

The website is here: https://damiduro.com


Great work Antonio, congrats!
Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

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Well done, your steak took 2 seconds to load, but now I am hungry so it was worth it, and thats coming from a South African.

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Lovely site with a really good user experience. :+1:

You will already know but the About Us goes to a 404.

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Nice project :wave: :ok_hand:

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Congrats on the release!

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Great site!! Just curious how long did it take you to build this site? Also I am curious what would you consider your skill level is with building web applications?

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Great website indeed!!!

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Super well done!!! great work

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Haha. Thanks for your kindness.

Technically, it took me 2 days from start to finish. I’ve been using wappler from DMX Zone so I can safely say I am a wappler pro web developer. Thanks to this amazing software and the team behind it.


WOW that is awesome, again great work.

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Fine appetizing work, @abecker.

Nicely showcases Wappler’s features and capabilities too, in the right hands… and we are all getting there.

Two suggestions…

  1. The text on the Submit button in the form invoked by clicking on ‘Start a Meal Plan’.
    Would have been more appropriate and consistent perhaps, to have instead of ‘OK. I am Ready’… something like ‘OK. I am Hungry’. This, after all is your headline on the Home Page… Hungry? So, this is in continuance of the same tone.

  2. The Tray icon could have an actual food tray, instead of a basket as it does now. Even your modal showing ‘My Tray’ has the header ‘My Food Tray’. Just a detail.

Great job with the database integration.

Now you have made me nice and hungry.

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@abecker Hey - those dishes make me think of a new London take-away restaurant :slight_smile:

What I missing is bigger and more pictures and recipies…

The webpage you’ve created amazing mate!

Well done :slight_smile:

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