A Snippets 'Library Chest'

I would like to submit a feature… Snippets.

I have a substantial library of snippets with triggers. Something like this would be an awesome tool for Wappler.

Would love to see Snippets!

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Got my vote.

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What about adding even more value. Like this:

  • We can use private snippets.
  • Then also have public snippets which are stored on wappler community and can be rated! :star::star::star::star: and these rated public snippets are connected or just linked INSIDE Wappler to a new special community forum group which is Called: Snippets. These can be then even improved by members! Maybe to use feature like „Voting“or similar to have a community based rating !
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+1 on a snippets library feature.

@Freddy_Blockchain, that sounds maybe similar to how Bootstrap Studio does it. Where you can store snippets / components or share with other users.


+1 for snippets

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Yes please! And most of all: snippets with a trigger key combo. I still think this is a killer feature in Dreamweaver editor. It works even quicker than with blocks.


Bumping! Please vote if you haven’t already…


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A bump from me as well. I used this in Dreamweaver quite often.

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I think this would be an interesting idea. This could be helpful for the Wappler community because often times people need help coming up with design ideas, coding concepts, and just general methods of doing things.

I think this could be beneficial for newer users and experienced users as well.

I know for myself, I often use the same format on my pages because that is how I learned to use Wappler (mostly from @Hyperbytes webinars and @George and @Teodor’s tutorials), so I get into a “funk” with coming up with new ideas.

The only area of concern I would have on this is that it would need to be clear that this is not a custom component or custom plugin market because as I discussed in another topic, I am not comfortable with Wappler opening itself up to that. It would simply be Snippets using existing Wappler components, bootstrap, or design elements.

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I think it would be just a simple library of code blocks, similar to what’s in dreamweaver now. Just copy a block of code, then save it as a snippet. When you want to use that block, just click the snippet and it pastes that block into the editor or design view. Visual Studio has something very similar also. Until we get something like that, I’ve been using notepad to copy/paste blocks of code I use often for different projects.


Snippet library of reusable code blocks has my vote - like the idea of a public one as well to share things.

A snippet library would help save us a lot of time I think.

Yes, yes, yes… snippets feel essential.

It is all well and good to have the Wappler “builders”, but in your real design, you end up designing something more sophisticated for your users.

But for me, snippets are just the beginning.

I want Search and Replace Snippets

So Snippets with a built in search and replace interface.

My app is quite CRUD based (So a business admin database where a lot of the work is to Create/Read/Update/Delete data). I’ve spent weeks researching and defining a sophisticated gui for my users to edit their business data. I have pasted a simplified version from near the beginning of that process below. My final version will probably be twice as long as this one with various options for customising the user experience.

That one snippet has 6 keywords I need to search and replace per field of my database. My database has hundreds of fields. If I could just grab each snippet and have it pasted in while the 6 keywords are replaced along the way, I would gain a really big productivity boost!

Best wishes,

                Search and Replace example per form: 
                    UPDATE_ACTION       update_contact
                    GET_ITEMS_ACTION    get_contacts
                    GET_ITEM_ACTION     get_contact
                    ITEM_NAME           contact
                Search and Replace example per field: 
    		FIELD_NAME	    first_name
                    XXX                 101
        	************************************************** -->

    <!-- ------------- Row ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME -------------- -->
		<div class="container container_field" id="c_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME">
			<div class="row row_label" id="r_label_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME">
				<label for="i_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME" dmx-style:visibility="show_label.value.XXX0==1?'visible':'hidden'">{{apptext.value.XXX0}}</label>
			<div class="row row_input" id="r_input_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME">
				<p class="icon_field"><i class="far fa-envelope"></i></p>
				<div class="div_input">
					<input id="i_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME" name="FIELD_NAME" type="text" class="form-control input_text_field" dmx-on:click="show_label.value.XXX0.setValue(1)" dmx-bind:value="GET_ITEM_ACTION.data.GET_ITEM_ACTION[0].FIELD_NAME"
				<p dmx-on:click="" class="icon_help"><i class="fas fa-info-circle"></i></p>
			<div class="row row_help" id="r_help_ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME" dmx-show="show_help.value.1020==1">
 		</div> <!-- Row ITEM_NAME_FIELD_NAME -->

I have some concerns over the snippet idea. Yes, great idea initially for new users but using “snippets” is a bit like using plugins, people dont learn how things work. Once you “GET” the Wappler workflow designing most things from scratch can be quicker than reverse engineering and amending someone else’s idea to do what you want.


I think some people are suggesting a snippets feature could come with some code blocks included while others essentially just want a facility to store and reuse their own code.

I appreciate the point your making, but I don’t think it necessary applies.

Hey @Hyperbytes

It is really interesting to debate this!

If had to keep in clicking on all those wappler options literally a thousand times to create my gui as per (a much more complex version of) my code example… versus filling in a few search and replace boxes…

Well it would literally take me so much more time that I really think I wouldn’t bother building the app in the first place…

So for an app as big as mine, search and replace is just a totally essential capability!

Search and replace will always be an essential part of coding. My concern lies with people relying on pre built block rather than learning to code. I worked as an IT trainer for a while and saw students writing notes like. "Click on … then type this then. " I used to throw their note books in the bin and tell them to stop learning robotically and feel the workflow. Pre built blocks are one thing, sharing user code snippets are something totally different.


I think this is a great idea I don’t necessarily have to know everything about something to use it. I want a program that will give me the ability to add a feature or function quickly and easily. Snippets will allow for that.

I realise this is an old thread but still very much relevant.

As far as I can see there’s nothing in Wappler yet that does this. For a long time now I find myself opening up another project, copying some snippet of code, then pasting it into a notepad doc, then opening up my current project and pasting the snippet into it. I do this many times during new project start in particular.

Yes, I can code the snippet content (I write the originals) but there’s no point in labouring with repeating that ad nauseam for all new projects.

This is such a basic tool I’m amazed there’s no apparent way to do it in Wappler, snippets a massive time saver.

This is also one of the top requested features.

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