A lot of questions, "What is it?" and "How?" by the App Connect Flow component

I decided to work with the App Connect Flow component. At first glance, everything seems clear. But in the course of operation, questions immediately arise, the answers to which I could not find in any other topics, nor in the manual, nor in the documentation. I think that this topic will help not only me, but also other users to better understand the work of the App Connect Flow component.


  1. How to use parameters (a) correctly? How do I enter data in them? I tried to create and update a parameter from external sources (similar to how it is done with a variable, for example), but I couldn’t do it, because these parameters are simply not visible from outside.

    How does the "Linked Field" (b) work? In what form and what information should I enter there?

  2. I have a js function myFunction() on the page. The function is perfectly triggered by a static event. However, I need a number of other actions to be performed sequentially before starting it. I thought the ideal solution would be to implement this via App Connect Flow. However, as I didn’t try, I couldn’t launch the js function using Flow. Therefore, the following questions arose:

  • in what format should I insert the function in the field to make it work correctly (a)?
  • the function field has an icon that opens "Data Bindings" (b), as if my function can be reflected there, why do I need it?
  • there is an argument field (с) how to use it correctly?
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@Teodor, @George or @patrick can you help me with these questions? I would be very grateful.