A Form That Updates Data and/or Profile Image With Edit Steps


I have always ran into issues with this type of form. Usually I end up using a separate form for the data and another form that addresses the image update.

However, combining these steps would be even better. The goal of this type form is to update the data (this step works with no issues), and then, the if necessary, update old image with a newer image (this is the step that causes the failures). The error messages are often difficult to decipher.

I’ve gone back and looked over all the older video tutorials of DMXzone etc, and tried to follow those steps. However, I run into the same issues in Wappler. So I know it is something that I have failed to grasp in the logic of these steps.

Additionally, the updated UI of the panels in Wappler appear to have streamlined the steps to a degree.

Is it possible to create a new tutorial that is more visually accurate for Wappler and addresses a type of update that offers conditional steps with images and editing steps?

Thank you for your attention and help.


Hello JR
Is your question how to NOT update the image value in the DB if no image is being selected in update record form?


Yes. Sorry if that was unclear. The image update in the update form would be optional. However, if it is updated, the edits would be applied as necessary.


But that is really easy and in Wappler it is the same as it has always been in Server connect - use the condition field in the update record step, for the value you want to update if the condition is met.

In the row where you insert the image name in the db - double click the condition field, and select the dynamic data picker:

Following just the simple logic (no need to remember the UI exactly each time) - we only want to insert something in the db if an image has been uploaded, i.e. when an image has been selected in the upload field, i.e. when it has some value. So we select the “name” under the upload field in POST vars:

When the condition is met (when a file is selected) the value from the upload step will be inserted - otherwise no :slight_smile:

Just a small advice - try to just follow the logic, that’s what you use in Server Connect, there is no need to remember every single checkbox in the Server Connect UI - just build your logic with steps there :slight_smile:


Haha! You’re great Teo. Thanks for helping the old man.