A few questions before buy, charts, node, async

Hello my friends i am new on the community and new on wappler, i wish to include wappler on my next project but i have a few questions.

1- wappler have charts? if yes this where they get from multiple data sets is included on wappler suscripcion? or is paid extension

2- i want to test wappler for a small project for a client, if i do this project for 3 months and deploy on my server and my client is happy , i need to. keep paying wappler?

  • if i dont need, and i need to back to this project after a few other months, can i import the project again inside wappler to keep working? (i have a few projects where they dont need changes all months )
    3- how mature is node on wappler ? do you recommend or php? what ios the benefit of use node?
    4- can i do multiple roles user on wappler?
    5- i need a page where without reloading it show me the charts or other data in “real time” , could be in intervals too lets say async pull data each 1 second.
    6- i am not expert on sql, wappler have built in a database modeler? or i need create ouside and then plug on wappler?
    7- Any good course to make mobile apps using framework 7?
    8- can i use other frameworks like https://coreui.io/ or other css frameworks?
    9- any plan to include the feature of generate reports on pdf and excel?

Thanks you so much for your answer and congrats for this amazing piece of software, sorry if my english is not perfect .
Cheers from Chile.
Thanks you so much, and sorry my english is not perfect, cheer from Chile.

1: Charts.js is included in Wappler (Pro version I believe)
2: No, you will not have to keep paying for Wappler unless you want to use Wappler to edit the project. Your project will continue to work without a Wappler subscription. Project settings are stored within your project. So, setting them up again in the future is very simple.
3: Node is very well integrated with Wappler. Really no different than PHP. Only advantage I can think of for node is the real time data updates.
4: Not sure what you mean in this one
5: Yes, this can be done with Node real time updating or PHP with the App Connect Scheduler
6: Wappler does have basic tools for the most common database properties without having to know SQL. Knowing the basics does help though.
7: Unfortunately not.
8: Not sure why you would want to. But yes you can, but the design view likely won’t render and you may have to do it in code view.
9: It’s been extensively discussed on the forums here. Nothing to PDF yet but you can export to CSV which you can open in Excel.

Hope that helps! Any more questions feel free to ask! (And welcome to Wappler)

Thanks you for your reply,
In point 1 you are not sure?
3. So wappler have built in real time using node? Cool
4. I mean if you can create user roles for the app, example admins, editors, department X, and each users with different level of permissions
6. I saw in docs you can do queries , buy i need to build the initial db relations outside?
8. Because are a lot of amazing front end frameworks and admins

Thanks you sou much.

Have a look at this playlist: