A big thank you :-)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank some of the great folks supporting Wappler. I just pushed a big update to my site. One of my user’s most requested features. I implemented a copy as BBCode button which will allow users to share their recipes with others on the pizza forum. Thanks to @ben , @patrick , @Hyperbytes , @Teodor, @psweb , @brad for helping me and begin to understand the many great capabilities of Wappler. You are all pros and you never made me feel bad about asking questions even when they were very basic.

Special thanks to @George - for encouraging me and making me understand you can do just about anything you can imagine in Wappler.

Finally the biggest thank you goes to @drymetal - without his help I would have never got going, his work not only inspired me - looking at his code helped me to understand Wappler much, much better.

The Wappler community rocks!!!




Last week, I was dealing with clients that could make your blood boil. I was very frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel. Just sell our company and take up wood working or something. And this is something many people in this industry can relate to at some point in their career.

So Norm, when you post something like this, and bring the enthusiasm and joy into what we do, it really makes a difference. And to me, seeing how excited you get, how you don’t back down from a seemingly impossible problem, and how happy it all makes you - well, it reminds me of why I do this stuff.

And all of this stuff you are doing isn’t so you can make money, fame, prestige or to placate some client. It is because you want to bring something good to others that share your love of pizza. It is that kindness and enthusiasm that I find admirable. We are excited for you Norm. Keep up the good work.


I absolutely share this feeling with Chad! I love to see how far you go Norm and the joy and happiness you express when you discover the real unlimited power of Wappler - this is what we do it for!

Seeing your results and also the great achievements of other Wappler users here in the forum, make us feel really proud.

It’s just like seeing your kid graduated from this great dream school, that really unleashed its potential to the world. And now with all this knowledge he can do everything he/she wants.

And that is what Wappler does - it provides you with the best tool for the job, so you can unleash your creativity and make the most awesome things you ever imagined, come true.


Wait - so I'm not going to be famous - darn it.....

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