A better way to handle user uploaded photos. With editing. How can we implement this?

Pintura / Filepond

Dropzone was introduced as far back as 2018. Wappler didn’t even do node back then.
And we’ve seen an increase in integrating JS libraries, so why not this one?

Demos here:
pintura (paid library, but I’ve bought this for Wordpress. Not against buying it for my main Wappler site cause its awesome)

There’s a lot of functionality in just Filepond - with no fees. To just crop/resize and others, you don’t need to go all-in with Pintura. See list of plugins here.

Anyone able to play with a little JS and integrate this?


I’ve just tried Filepond and i’ts excellent…! It’d be great to have Wappler integration for this.

I agree. When I bought the ImageHopper Wordpress plugin for a recent site, I was happy to pay the $99 because the main function was users adding photos to their registration. Now that I’ve dug into it more, I realize that company had written the PHP wrapper/WP Integration and was just including Filepond (in the $49 version) and if you wanted editing for $99, it uses the Pintura code. Either way, they figured out a niche to make some $, they just purchase that $3000 license and they can go to town! Its a great win-win.
So even without the Pintura editing, I hope this will turn out nicely.

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I’m trying to implement this, but unfortunatly for some reason the upload image is not passing by $_POST, not matter what name is set, it just beinn ignoring by $_post.

did this ever get implemented?
i searched for “filepond” and this is the only thread that contains it.