6.4.0 Keeps changing my wappler theme

Windows 10 Pro
wappler 6.4.0
Beta Extentions

Weird one here. Since the update to 6.4.0 wappler has started just randomly changing my main theme back to ‘light’. I normally have it set to mocha, but several times now it has just changed it back to ‘light’. No rhyme or reason at this point?

Are you sure Auto Change to system theme is not enabled?

It was actually turned on, but I haven’t seen that before. Ie I didnt’ change it. Wonder if the 6.4.0 has it turned on by default or something?

I’ve never noticed this setting before either. I just just checked - and it was set to enabled (and this is using v5). I think this must be the default. I use VS Dark theme and it changes to a light theme about twice a week (but it still indicates VS Dark).