[421 Too many connections (8) from this IP]

i started getting this error. with FTP
how to fix this?

Hello, when exactly do you see this error?

When i try to connect with the server using FTP
Wappler doesn’t close the connection. I had to change my IP to be able to connect again

This video may help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhNeu0Tvsyw

Actually Wappler opens and closes the connection on each upload.

Sometimes it can open a few simulations connections for the high speed and your provider might be limiting this. Can you change this in your ftp server settings or ask your provider about it?

Good video @ben - sharp as always :slight_smile:

Will this is not the solution, this is a clean up from my side to wappler leaving the connections.
This issue happens when i have been working with the upload with no errors(uploading checking etc…) then leave wappler open for a day or more. when i try to upload a file the next day this error shows.
I never have this error with other tools im using to upload with FTP and i leave them open for weeks.

As I said - this should not be the case with Wappler - we launch and close FTP as external process on each upload. So there shouldn’t be any connections open left …

Will have to investigate this further. Seems it might be solved with more limitations but then this will degree the ftp transfers for other users.

Some useful info:

Can you add the option to reset connection?
Like close all sessions button
When i reset my IP i can connect and upload all my files fast and with no connection limits.

Well I don’t think those connections are still open by us - only the provider things that they were open because of the too fast closing.

Can you see the open connections at the provider cpanel or so?

If you reboot your pc - do you sitll see them?