4.0 Beta bug: Properties panel empty when editing action

Wappler Version : 4.0 Latest beta (is it 6?)
Operating System : W10
Server Model: node
Database Type: mysql
Hosting Type: docker, local

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

I should see a list with properties when editing the actions (on button click).

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

Property list is empty

How to reproduce

  1. Add data store component to content page
  2. Create button, add dynamic event on click
  3. Edit action, add upsert to data store. fill in parameters
  4. Close window
  5. Edit action again, click on the action to see properties
  6. It shows empty.

See video for steps/ what happens:

Please attach the debug logs here.
Restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and choose to submit error report from the menu.

Windows explorer will be opened with the debug logging zip file that you can drag here. No need to create a new topic.

I think the debugging is bugging out heavily…

  1. I select ‘submit error report’ it prompts me to restart with error logging, I click yes.
  2. Wappler restarts with 3 console windows
  3. I reproduce the error (wappler got extremely slow) (first time I did it, at the end of reproducing everything crashed)
  4. I click on ‘submit error report’
  5. Explorer opens as you said, with just a screenshot in the .zip report1623150211307.zip (231.6 KB)