2nd Main Page Route problem

For the fisrt time I want to add a second main page with it’s own content pages to a SPA site - one main page is for admin and a second is for the users. I am running into some problems. Hope someone can help.

My routes look like this. the bottom part works fine and as it should but the top part is the problem:


on the main page which is called dashboard.php my “routes” look like this:

 <div is="dmx-route" id="userproperties" path="/" url="_userproperties.html"></div>
 <div is="dmx-route" id="myprofile" path="/myprofile" url="_myprofile.html"></div>

When I click on a link on the page to load the content page it “adds dashboard” before the url link like this:


This is the route properties of my main page:


Hope I offered enough info.

How do your links actually look like? How did you generate them - manually or using the route picker icon?

I used route picker for main content linkbut then it adds ./ which takes you back to the other route main page:

What do you mean by ‘main content link’? Are you referring to the page routes or to the main pages?
I am asking about the page route links on your dashboard page…
Also where do you call/click the /dashboard page routes links from, on which page they are?

Main content link - The content that loads into the main page when you open dashboard.php. The content page is userproperties.html for this and the there is one other content page link: myprofile.html

You login to get to the dashboard.php page and on this page the 2 routes are added to. userproperties.html and myprofile.html as seen in the screenshots.

Hope it answers your question…

I think i see what you mean.
Testing this locally now.

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I think this is the same issue I raised here: Issue with routing and multi-page SPA site (hybrid MPA)

Unfortunately, I received no replies to this so thought it must have been a silly question and the answer too obvious to mention (but not to me). I was only experimenting withi SPAs at the time so didn’t pursue it.

After that I decided not to use SPAs for the time being, but I’ll be interested to see how this thread goes. (Of course I may have misunderstood and perhaps the issue is not the same.)

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The problem should be fixed in the latest update (2.3.2). The path should be now properly generated for your page routing links.

Great - assuming this is the same issue as the one I raised a while ago, I shall give SPAs another try.

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Tested and confirmed - Thank you!


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