24 "easy" steps to connect to a database?

I didn’t like the multiple, multiple steps of the DMXZone connection wizards & I wish, instead of importing the old DMXZone Data connection plugins to Wappler this method got a re-think.

24 Steps is what I counted before i could even go forward to Making pages.

I develop on localhost on my developer machines - a mac & a windows desktop.

the first thing I have to do is bring up the data in a particular table in a particular LOCAL mysql Mamp installation.

Other tools I have used immediately present the config form to Connect to a given database, username, password, port and I am up and connected in seconds.

I can start developing.

This should be the first step in Wappler when we have our localhost servers for apache & mysql running. 4 or 5 fields at most – save–test–confirm data acquired and Develop.

Wappler ideally should fill in some default settings as far as folders & actions & steps that then can be looked at AFTER connection and modified as warranted.

Creating the actual connection Script should not be nearly the last thing that Wappler’s present sequence of steps is demanding. It should be first.

Otherwise, GREAT JOB, Wappler-ites!

Can you make or explain with an example?

There is just one database connection step and dialog in Wappler, so I’m not sure to which 24 steps you are referring, see the last steps at:

Thank you, George
However the page you refer to is your tutorial which is exactly the “24 steps” tutorial I referred to.

Maybe because you are so familiar with the process you can do it in your sleep & don’t see it as “24 steps”

but, starting at the top as you quote it is a step-by-step process of clicking, selecting, naming, saving, moving to next step, & finally verifying that what you think you have done is correct and then save again – “24 steps” later.

Having worked in Dreamweaver I am familiar with the target, define model steps.

But when DMZone took over with plugins it got even more complicated and actually required me BUYING EXTRA plugins to accomplish the whole process of accessing my database to get the view and CRUD setup I needed.

So many DATA MANAGEMENT tools, even EXCEL! make this far simpler.

Even WP installation is far simpler. As is Phpmyadmin, etc

But Web tools such as PHPRunner & almost countless development tools simply ask you to specify the connection model and then the needed credentials to satisfy the login access to the database. Test Connection, then usually see the confirmation and with the next step see the basic tables or just one table if that is what you specified.

Connection script done in less than a minute with just a few clicks.

You don’t even need to provide the localhost website files again, which Wappler does as it insists on setting up what is essentially an FTP-type transfer before I can begin the “24 steps” of just getting to see even the most basic view of my data tables.

I would love to see Wappler provide a stand-alone Data connection module.
If I am working on the same machine with different databases always connected to via the same mysql Mamp or Xampp or whatever environment –
I would love to just with each project Click Database Connection –
Up pops Previously saved connection script form–
re-use this as the base… just fill in new database name, credentials if needed and SAVE with a new connection name.

Now I just create a page in my project and go straight to the Dataview I want to use –
drag in to page – edit things as may be needed – but I have instantly connected to the most basic database & tables view – and I can now go back through and modify auto-generated Steps, server behaviors, etc.