1 Seconds Delay Scheduler Freezing DMX (?)

I have a scheduler set on the page which runs on page load with delay of 1 second.
I also have a search input box which is configured to redirect to a SPA page with value on enter key press:
dmx-on:keypress.enter="browserRouter.goto('./search/' + txtSearchGlobal.value)"

When the scheduler is running, pressing enter on the input does not read the value. It redirects with empty value.

On stopping the scheduler, search starts working.

This is the scheduler code. It increments a variable’s value by 1 every time it runs.
<dmx-scheduler id="asTest" delay="1" dmx-on:tick="varProgress.setValue(varProgress.value + 1)" ></dmx-scheduler>

Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong, or is there something wrong with Wappler (unlikely).

Can any of the @wappler_ambassadors help me with this?

What is the purpose of your scheduler and what does it have to do with your search?

The scheduler has nothing to do with search.
It runs as a counter which increments a variable’s value by one. This variable is used at another place for some other operation.

Do you get any errors in the browser dev tools?

No errors or warning.
If you find time, can you try to replicate it? Update a variable on timer and see if you can update the value of a text box.
You can check if value is updating in DMX using console: dmx.app.data.txtsearch.value

For me, the value remains whatever it was, before the timer is started.

Just out of curiosity what happens if you change the time on the scheduler? Say to 10 seconds?

Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with other stuff. Huge project.

Was able to test this out today. Even with 10 seconds, I can’t search.
I have another scheduler on the page, which runs on minutes mode and is set to run every minute.
This does not interfere with the search in any way.

I also tried with disabling the minute scheduler & keeping only the seconds scheduler, but the search is still broken. So the seconds scheduler seems to be the cause of issue.

I just tested the same case and it works fine with or without scheduler on the page.
I also set it to do the same:

<dmx-scheduler id="scheduler1" dmx-on:tick="var1.setValue(var1.value + 1)" delay="1"></dmx-scheduler>

I see no issues:

Thanks for testing it out. I also did this now… and I can also see no issues. So its definitely something else on the page that is causing the scheduler to break the search - or in other words, from what I understand… break some part of DMX.

The app itself has too many dynamic parts, some of which is managed inside Conditional Regions to reduce CPU usage.

I am sharing with you the link where the dev platform is deployed, and also steps on how to reproduce the issue. Hope you can find out whats causing the issue for me.