1 on 1 help / training

I am new to Wappler and I do understand the basics, but I would like to learn faster with some 1on1 skype training which I'm willing to pay for. I have done all the available video tutorials and looked at the docs. But it's still quite complicated as a non-developer. I do understand a lot of basics in terms of HTML, CSS, server side stuff etc.

Hoping there are some people/resources who can help me with that. Thank you!

I have already done these:

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you should start with a sample. Ask us what you can’t do.
wappler team and of course @wappler_ambassadors will help to you .

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Please explain which part is not clear for you - i.e. what you cannot do?

I understand that I can bring up each issue here and that the community can help me, but I prefer having a skype session to understand a lot of things at once. It would be more efficient in terms of time.

Sorry, but we do not offer such services.
It will be better if you can explain what is not clearly described in the docs here: https://community.wappler.io/c/docs and what you need help with.

I'm not asking the company Wappler for 1 on 1 assistance per say, but maybe other members of the community. The problem is that a lot of things are not mentioned in those docs. Also there are not a lot of video's on youtube explaining the more advanced things.

It will really be helpful if you can point which things are missing from the docs :slight_smile:

Can agree with @Teodor some more specific requirement would be needed. Even if Skype 1:1 individual training will be offered. Is it basic question about how wappler works? Or how to setup a dynamic page with simple DB? Its like asking for learning programming. We can show you the door, but you need to open and step into by yourself. Its like learning a language, but you need to learn it yourself. As more specific question is, as more precise the community answer, which is here great and incredible fast!

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You can find @nevil’s problem here https://community.wappler.io/t/pass-to-php-file/4562/5. To me it seems fairly straight forward using Wappler. The problem for a coder is to get his/her head around the way Wappler works.

I am not entirely comfortable with the current PHP OOP code, hence I have not volunteered going on Skype. Maybe someone else will.

That is just one small part of what I was figuring out Ben, there is much more. But I guess I have no other choice then to tackle each of them one by one on the forums here.

@Teodor odor I will be listing here what is missing from the docs when I encounter them… Mostly it’s the “core actions” of the serverside stuff. I have done searches on this forum but could find only snippets of what I wanted to know but not full explainations what each of those core actions does. So when I say it’s missing from the docs I’m referring to this page: https://wappler.io/docs and not https://community.wappler.io/c/docs - I think it’s best to keep everything as centralized as possible, at least when we’re talking about the basics of wappler.

https://wappler.io/docs - is a bit outdated, our docs source is now really https://community.wappler.io/c/docs - we will be generating new docs from there.

It is still work in progress but the new generated docs will be:
https://docs.wappler.io - all generated from https://community.wappler.io/c/docs

and the old https://wappler.io/docs - will be redirected

is that you know @ben and @psweb :slight_smile:

Thanks George. But in none of the 3 docs can I find anything about the serverside “core actions”, or am I missing something?

indeed seems we miss those - but they are really simple, containing just one expression and the same says it all.
But we have to document them better indeed.

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It might be simple for developers, but I am not one of them. But I do want to create a website (visually, not with code). Am I not the target audience of Wappler?

It is actually quite a difficult answer to be honest, because the simple answer is yes you are certainly the target audience, that being said it also depends what you want to achieve in the end of the day.

I mean one person says they want to create a website and what they mean is a really pretty website to promote a coffee shop lets say, that website will possibly be totally static and may never even touch on the server side components at all.

While a second person who says they want to website might want to create something that is like the new facebook, which you would need far more in depth knowledge to actually achieve.

Obviously the beauty of a great website is in it’s simplicity, and that is exactly what people are used to with comparatives like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon etc. They make it look really easy to create something like that but in reality that would probably take a team of world class developers quite some time to create.

I would personally be willing to assist where possible, even over skype for that matter as I know it is easier to chat through something like this, once I know the scope of what you are trying to get done I will be able to advise far more effectively as to how Wappler can help you do that. The honest truth is that if you need the server side stuff and it needs to be something custom for what you desire, then even if Wappler is not the right tool for you personally, there are not very many alternatives other than custom coding from scratch, which as a non developer would be a far far longer learning curve.

I am pretty confident that in a very short time once you get the core concept that it will all become pretty clear as to how to get what you are looking for. If interested just PM me and we can chat about it in more detail.


Hi @nevil,
reply of psweb is exhaustive and nothing can be added. The important thing is to enter in the logic of Wappler.

Of course a minimum of knowledge about how structure tables in Mysql or just an idea about basic points is requested.

But the most important point is that once you enters in the logic of Wappler you will feel really free in building what you need.

I started to develop again after 20 years. I was knowing zero about bootstrap or JavaScript. Just little theory about databases.

I build now a system with authentication that manage 200 brokers, people store their notes or files etc…

It take little bit of time. Very useful are the videos in DMXzone.com that are the creators of Wappler.

There you will see movies about extension done for Dreamweaver but most are the same. You will get very good understanding about how to think in building your creations.

Moreover here you can ask every question in the community. I understand that sometimes not experienced people are little afraid to ask something that could appear easy for skilled people, because I was too… But her you will find a lot of people ready to help you and you will see that sometimes solutions are much more easier than expected.