Why in partials i can't use all wappler components?

Is there a way to use all components in partials? Even if i write html code like <div class="container"></div> wappler don’t understand it and dosn’t show container component in components tree.

I could be mistaken, but it looks like you haven’t add app connect framework yet?

Yes, you are right, but situation is the same. I still can’t add components like container or or list.

You will need to add the Bootstrap Framework to your page. Unfortunately only Bootstrap is recognised (and Framework 7 for mobile is also available). Would be great to see other Frameworks implemented as only Bootstrap is very limiting so we maintain a Dreamweaver subscription so we can work on other projects which do not use Bootstrap. We would love to drop the subscription one day and work solely within Wappler… We see a lot of Material designs among others so Material support would be my next suggestion. Will have to put a Feature Request together…


This is weird… are you saying that Dreamweaver supports other frameworks than bootstrap so that is why you keep it?

Because Wappler has same and even more extensive code editing functionalities superior to DW…

Also which other Frameworks do you mean as there are hundreds of CSS design frameworks from which bootstrap is the leader. I think there are also some feature requests for others as well.

No @George I am saying at least I can add, remove, and interact with the elements within the page. Unless Bootstrap is added to a Project Wappler doesn’t allow me to do much at all. There is no denying its abilities with Bootstrap but just open up a page that doesn’t contain it and see what you can do yourself… Yes there are hundreds of Frameworks but maybe consider using the top 3 rather than only Bootstrap?